Tricky Tray Final Report from Mary Testori – Priestly Pondering, 11/12/17

The Hands of Hope Tricky Tray Fundraiser held on 10/28/17 was a great success! There were about 100 folks in attendance hoping to win 128 donated gifts, plus several donated door prizes as well. Attendees enjoyed desserts donated mostly by Costco, danced to music, and genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. After expenses HOH netted about $4471.00. There’s a recurring word here: donated.  Without donations of gifts, money, time, it would not have been successful. Thank you to the committee members that worked as a team from day one, and everyone that donated items for the tricky tray.  Source: Ponderings Read more →

Sin of Racism – 11/5/17

Some folks in the Public Relations business will say, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”  Unfortunately, the township of Edison proved that statement wrong this week.  As many of you know, racist election propaganda was mailed to households in Edison.  The general gist of the mailing was to say that Chinese and Indian people are taking over Edison.  Two of the candidates for the Board of Education, one a Chinese American and the other an Indian American, were pictured with the word “Deport” under their photos.  Stories about this racist mailing were featured on Huffington Post and NPR,... Read more →

A Special Remembrance of Carl Blomgren by Jackie Goedesky

Carl and Carolyn Blomgren were faithful parishioners of St. James Church from 1961 until they moved to Minneapolis to be with their daughter, Hilda.  Carolyn was the Youth Group Director for many years.  During that time, she and Carl would arrange camping trips, etc. for the youth group and they would encourage the parents to join them on their adventures.  The most notable camping trip was spending a weekend in January in tents at Stokes State Forest with a temperature of 6 degrees above zero and snow on the ground. Before we left that Friday, Father Bill told us that we had... Read more →

Embracing Our Future – Kerri’s Stewardship Talk, 10/29/17

Good morning. As some of you are aware, our plans have begun for our annualstewardship campaign. Part of the campaign involves having Mother Kristen andmembers of the committee speak about why it is important to give, and why wechoose to give our resources to our church.The theme of our campaign is “Proud of our heritage and eager to embrace ourfuture.” This slogan is so appropriate for our church, given the number of changesthat have occurred in recent years. However, I also find that this slogan is soappropriate for me. Many of you know that I am the third generation of... Read more →